I was born and raised in Marshall, MN, and I graduated from Marshall High School in 2007. I love this area and the people who help make it a great place to live.


My first job was rock-picking when I was 12, and I've continued to work in the area since then. I've had the opportunity and privilege to work many different jobs with many different people. Those jobs include, but are not limited to, working at County Fair, Schwan's Distribution Center, Habilitative Services Incorporated and the Mentor Network, custodial work for Marshall Public Schools, plumbing, drain-cleaning, and pumping septic tanks.


I've always considered the people I work with as the best benefit any job could provide. I've never met a person I wasn't willing to work with, and I get along with pretty much everyone. Treating people well in my daily life is very important to me. I have a strong work ethic, and I place a great importance in the truth. I take it very seriously. I also take all of the work I do very seriously.


I will bring that same work ethic, that importance I place in the truth, my ability to work with anyone, my friendly nature and my serious work-attitude to the State House.